Re: Guyed tower install

Gary - KB7QWC

Hello Peter and all,

   I’d be interested in your results.  I have a 40’ guyed tower I would like to have put up [my back says I don’t get to do that].  I’ve been seeking a company to do it with no luck so far.

   Keep us posted,


   …Gary, KB7QWC

      Foresthill, CA




I'm preparing to install two guyed towers (90' & 70') on my property and was hoping to get some guidance.  I've installed several self supporting towers but never a guyed tower.  I was originally planning on doing this mainly myself, but after doing a lot of reading/research I'm leaning toward either hiring a company to do the work or finding someone with experience to help me out.


If anyone has any contacts I'd really appreciate it.


Thank you,

Peter - WB6POT

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