New hashtags: #emcomm #digital #antennas #automation

Jef - N5JEF

On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 10:23 AM, Dennis - WU6X <wu6x@...> wrote:

Hashtags is something new for this group, not offered by Yahoo. Attached is a "how to" on their value and use. Please look at what Hashtags are already available before you create a new one to help prevent duplicate topics of the same content.

Thanks Dennis.

All the currently existing hashtags are of a generally administrative nature,

So I've created the following hashtags to share for some more technical and operational topics:

  • #nvis
    Near Vertical Incidence Skywave related.  Antennas, theory, operation, examples, ...

  • #emcomm
    Emergency communication related.  ARES, go-kits, rapid-deployment, field-expedient antennas, emergency power, emergency plans and procedures, ...

  • #digital
    Digital text and voice modes, HF, VHF/UHF, VOIP, ROIP, codecs, DSTAR, DMR, P25,  ...

  • #antennas
    Antenna design, theory, deployment, performance measurements, ...

  • #automation
    Arduino, Raspberry Pi, remote bases, repeater controllers, remote control

- Jef  N5JEF

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