Elecraft K3 for sale


just ordered a new K3S at Pacificon, it should be here in about a week. I'll be selling my K3. SN 6866.

It's outfitted with the following:

K3/100-F       100W Transceiver

KAT3-F   K3 100W ATU

KBPF3           K3 General Coverage RX Module

KRX3             K3 2nd RX

K144XV-100  2M Module for K3/100


KFL3A-6K     K3 6kHz 8 PoleRoofing Filter

KFL3B-FM    FM Bandwidth 8 Pole Roofing Filter

I wanted to offer it up to the group prior to listing it on QRZ, eBay ect.. Hit me up if your interested,


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