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Mark Graybill

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I am always building almost any 2 meter antenna i can find plans for,
was motivated by the two recent posts to provide these links for you
to view:

2 meter J-Pole by David, KG4BIN. he gives a good "how it works"
discussion, then a how to build section:
This j-pole looks very buildable. Thanks!

and for those who just want to buy one... KB9VBR will ship one for
What? Buy an antenna when I can spend twice as much to build one half as good and get myself a new scar in the process? :D

I may see if I can put an antenna together this weekend. I want to put together both 10m and 2m antennas, not sure which will come first.

I'm also hoping to visit W6WEM in Meadow Vista some time in the next few days for a look at his skywire loop.

I did manage to check in to the NCARC 2m net last night by putting my old SO-239 ground plane on a broomstick and taking it up and down the driveway. Full story and a pic here:

Tomorrow I'm hoping to move some stuff out of the garage to clear more space for a radio shack. Amaryllis, KJ6TFT, should be available in the afternoon to help haul some unwanted furniture to the thrift store.

So much to do...

Mark, W8BIT

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