Re: 2m J-Pole?

Mark Graybill

Sounds great, thanks a lot.

I was thinking of attaching it to a piece of antenna rope and seeing how far up I can get it in the blue spruce outside my window.


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On Jan 19, 2012, at 9:35 AM, Bob - K6UDA wrote:


Mine is very simple. Made entirely from 1/2 inch copper tubing. Plans are readily available on the internet. Just type in copper J-pole plans into a search engine. The base of mine is made long (2 feet extra) and I've got it clamped to my chimmy with a metal strap and muffler clamps. I've used LMR400 feedline on mine because the 100 ft run created 12db loss using rg59.

For a copper j-pole, you'll need 6 ft of tube, 2 solder caps, 1 tee, 1 90 elbow. You'll also need a pl-259 connector and a hunk of conductor wire. minus the feedline, about $25 at home depot.

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> Bob, I think you mentioned a 2m j-pole you use to me at the meeting. I wonder if you can tell me some more about it, like construction details, how you've got it hung up and how it's working for you.
> I'm going to be trying again soon to get some 2m SSB out of here, too (with a quickie horizontal Yagi, I'm looking at the j-pole for FM), it turns out the feedline I used the first time had a kink in it where the center conductor pushed through the foam and into the shield, shorting it out. I'll be cutting it off at the kink, rechecking it, then putting a new connector on when time allows.
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