Contest logging for the CQ contest.

Bob - K6UDA <whpmotorsports@...>

We're now less than one week from our first CQ contest. Many new members and non con testers have asked how to log? Well, logging used to be standard fare in the ham world. Today, while not mandatory, logging contacts allows us to record new contacts, bands worked, modes used and propagation changes. In the contesting world, logging allows us to keep score.

Logs will usually have matching times, dates, bands, modes and an exchange between to hams logging each other. Two corresponding log entries is a verified point. So, how do you log? In the olden days, hams kept paper logs. These days, most are transitioning to electronic logs. I personally started logging when I got licensed. I started out using an iPhone app called Hamlog. It works on the MAC, iPhone, ipad and the PC. I paid about 1.99 for this little gem. I still use it when operating away from home.

Dennis, WU6X recommends n1mm. It's free and it works well. There are several others out there on the internet. To make it simple, Richard has made a contest log with all the members listed. This will work well for one single band & mode. You could modify it or print several pages for different bands. Either way you do it, then idea is to have fun. This weekend I hope each of you experience the thrill of a pileup. Be patient, you'll get through or get everyone logged. Be sure to make room for some none members. There will be several playing on different bands.


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