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Bob - K6UDA <whpmotorsports@...>

I sent this out to 39 members who joined the club this year. I thought it'd be fun to put it out to the entire membership and see where it goes. You can either answer her on the board or email me your responses.

We've had a banner year with SFARC and ham radio. As your outgoing president, I'd like to thank you for choosing SFARC to invest your time, money & energy in. With 39 new members in the club during 2013 you, being one of the 39 have some unique insight that some of us in the club may be overlooking. I've developed a short survey and I'd really appreciate it if you could complete this and email it back to me.

Thanks & 73,

How long have you been a ham radio operator? What class?

What originally prompted you to get your ham radio license?

What ham related activities do you currently participate in? Ie.. HF, 2meter repeater, SSB, ares, ect..

Are there non ham activities you participate in where having your ham license helps or enhances that activity?

What type of equipment do you own or plan to get within the next year?

Turning your attention to the club, how did you first hear about SFARC?

What prompted you to get involved with a radio club?

Why did you choose SFARC?

Do you belong to another ham club(s)? Which one(s)?

What activities have you participated in with SFARC? Ie.. Nets, FD, meetings ect..

Has the club met your expectations in a radio club?

What is your favorite aspect of the club?

What is your least favorite aspect of the club?

Where can SFARC improve to increase the overall experience of a new member?

How are we as a group doing as far as getting the word out to new and prospective hams about our club?

How can we improve?

SFARC provides a monthly VE session. Currently its held the first Saturday of the month at 0800 Hrs. Is this an optimal time / day? If we were to add another VE session, when and where should it be done?

Any additional feedback?

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