CQP Goals #cqp

Orion, AI6JB

Hi Everyone,

All the literature out there says to be successful in Radio Sport (contesting), we should set some goals.  After looking at the CQP and results for the past three years, some possible SMART* goals might be:
  1. Set the Placer County Record for M/M LP
  2. Finish in the Top 10 Multi-Multi Expedition List (2017 > 12 pts, 2016 > 6,400 pts, 2015 > 38k)
  3. Get all 58 multipliers
  4. Make 600 Phone QSOs (i.e. 20 QSOs/hr average for 30 hrs)
  5. Make 200 CW QSOs (i.e. +/- 7 QSOs/hr average for 30 hrs)
  6. Run two (2) stations for all 30 hours.

Let’s get a discussion going.    Got a goal to add? Think we should delete one, or two?  Post any comments or suggestions.  I'll compile suggestions for next week's meeting.


Some may suggest these goals are rigged for success.  I say let’s grab some low hanging feathers for our cap.  For example, currently there is no record set for Placer County M/M LP or last year there were only seven (7)  M/M stations state wide and only six (6) in the county expedition.  These are by no means a guarantee.  Years past there was much more competition.

A CW goal is included because I noticed the successful stations have a CW score.  This may be our most challenging goal.  So, brush up on your CW or better yet, if you know of a ringger with a fast fist, recruit them.

Orion Endres, AI6JB
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*  -  SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely