Re: California QSO Party Site Selection #cqp

Bob Brodovsky

Just off Taylor Rd. 1.5 miles north of the Valencia Club. No call in frequency, the repeater will be tied up with an event and we’ll be busy making contacts. Feel free to stop by whenever. we’ll be in the back yard for the next 30 hours or so. 
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On Oct 5, 2018, at 08:11 AM, Scott Michael Vogelsang <s.m.vogels@...> wrote:

For those of us Late Comers and workaholics wanting to come and observe ...  is the QTH for the event on google maps?
I have schedule conflicts but would like to visit the site Saturday or Sunday am but can not figure out where the final site is located or how to get there.
Too many convo strings to sift through to find the info...
QTH help please?
Directions from a known highway intersection?
Will there be a call in frequency?

Scott M.
415-234-9400 cell

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