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Peter - WB6POT


I'll be there for the Friday setup and 7am Saturday morning & as much of the 30 hour contest as possible.
Looking forward to it!

Peter - WB6POT

On Thu, Oct 4, 2018 at 12:30 PM Orion , AI6JB <ojendres@...> wrote:

Hello Team!


My apologies in advance for not getting you updated information sooner.


Bob, K6UDA, and I met at his QTH last Saturday to review the layout.  What A Sweet Site!  Thank you Bob!!


He has a covered patio with TV, BBQ, and comfy chairs.  Hex Beam and 80m dipole already installed and ready to go.  Setup is going to be a breeze.


Speaking of setup, we would like to start setup on Friday, 10/5/18, at 2 PM.  Should only take a few hours.  We need to:

  1. Install 160m end-fed antenna
  2. Setup tables and chairs for three stations
  3. Setup radios and logging PCs for three stations.
  4. Run tests on equipment


Everyone can go home Friday night for a good nights sleep, in your own beds!!


We will start Saturday morning with a Team Meeting at 07:00 AM.  This will give us an opportunity to discuss strategy, review how the logging software works, and train those of you first timers how to run a contest.


Contest starts at 09:00, Saturday, and runs through Sunday, 15:00, local time.


Please let me  know your availability.  Thank you!!



Orion Endres, AI6JB

1201 Wood Oak Court, Roseville, CA 95747-7383

(916) 788-8251 H \\ (916) 534-8251 C


What the heck does “73” mean?  73 is morse code short hand for “Best Regards” used by Ham radio operators.  It’s origin goes all the way back to the landline telegraph days.





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