California QSO Party Site Selection #cqp

Orion, AI6JB

Hi everyone,

Brian, AI6US, is out on a reconnaissances mission this weekend to find us a "Primo" California QSO Party contest site.  Here are a few options:
  • Location "Alpha" (39.2829, -120.5758).  Great view of Lake Valley, Grouse Ridge, Signal Peak, Mount Rose. Worked this  location from a shaded / sheltered spot in the trees. Narrow staging area to work towards the East, but has great trees and at least 4-5 camping and station areas. This would be good for two stations.   On dead end feeder road off of FS19.
  • Location "Beta" (39.2766, -120.573).  A pull-out loop several hundred feet south of FS19 with more room to spread out antennas with multiple camping spots with fire pits about 1 mi away from Alpha.  Easier to reach and we can be spaced out more.  On loop from FS 19, long distance views to the east and the ridge is spread out along the ridge with opening East/ South.  Slight rise to the North. Maybe 150'? to the east.  Antennas can be spread out more, but within eye sight.  Maybe 500 – 700 feet .
  • Location "Charlie" (39.1769, -120.5306).  Canada Hill.
  • Location "Delta" Duncan Peak Lookout on Little Bald Mtn (39.1462, -120.5061).  Brian believes he has charmed the Lookout volunteer into letting us the area.  This location has three protected pullouts (one larger on East side ) is inside the gate, but in a treed area near the lookout.  The look out ridge area would be perfect for VHF/UHF as it sees the entire valley. It has some parking, but stations/camping would be exposed and lacking tall trees. Some small trees along ridge and might be able to have permission for ropes to lookout railing.
These four locations are plotted on  Just follow this link:

We are thinking about set up at Alpha or Bravo for the weekend of July 28th.  This is a great opportunity to shack-out any details for the CQP.  Even if you can't make it for CQP, join us anyway to camp-out, have some fun, and operate.

Orion, AI6JB

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