Re: California QSO Party Site Selection #cqp

Gary KC3PO <kc3po@...>

Can't say I'd be crazy about travelling as far as Del Norte or Trinity... Alpine would be OK, but according to the map that AI6US guy is registered there again this year and he seems scary - hahaha.

I did happen to stumble across a place above Jackson Meadows Res. that seems good in a lot of ways (drop off to the east... down to the lake, no less) - nice clearing, nice trees, etc. But then I ran across something that said the road going up to it is closed. I have no idea if it'd be possible to find out why the road is closed, get permission to go up there, or verify if it really is closed, etc.

If you want to take a peek, it's here: 39.491367, -120.560699

It'd be interesting to run it through your terrain profile thingy too - I haven't done anything like that either.

- Gary

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