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Orion, AI6JB

Hi Gary,


We are looking at site “Bravo” for the 2018 CQP.  It is located here on SARTopo at this link:


This site has a 1,500’ – 1,800’ drop-off within 2 miles.  The next higher terrain is 14 miles east.  The take-off angle works out to .9 degrees.  See attached profile.


While not as good as Leviathan Peak in Alpine County where we had 4,000’ drop to the east into the Antelope Valley in Nevada and no higher terrain within 50 miles.



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What the heck does “73” mean?  73 is morse code short hand for “Best Regards” used by Ham radio operators.  It’s origin goes all the way back to the landline telegraph days.




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So you wouldn't expect the record-setting K6EI multi/multi to show up again in Sierra this year?

The thing I noticed about all of the sites mentioned so far is none of them have that desirable drop off to the East mentioned in the "how to find a good location" videos on the CQP website. I don't know how big of a deal that is quantitatively speaking, but it does make sense.

- Gary

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